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Researchers Develop Quick Ebola Diagnosis Device

Davin Edvard 0

The new tool, developed by France's Atomic Energy Commission, could allow doctors to diagnose...

Frontier 100 Forum: Global Corporate Leaders to Discuss Innovative Investing in African Emerging Markets in New York

Davin Edvard 1

IGD's Leadership Council and Frontier Leaders talk about the value of the IGD network and the...

Oscar Pistorius Taken to Prison

Davin Edvard 0

Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius escorted by police at the Pretoria High Court. Oscar Pistori...

How Nigeria Defeated Ebola

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IFRC health worker Ninety three days after the American Liberia Patrick Sawyer imported the Ebo...

Ceasefire Collapses As Army Fights Back

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Chief of Army Staff - Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah The Nigerian troops seem to have abandoned the...