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Troubling Times At Unity Colleges

Davin Edvard 0

These are very uncertain times across the 104 federal government colleges in the country. The Guard...

7 Ways To Know If The One You Love Loves You

Davin Edvard 0

If you love someone, but you’re unsure whether they feel the same way, it can tear you up inside. L...

Gender Inequality Costs Africa $95bn Annually – UN

Davin Edvard 0

The United Nations on Sunday urged African nations to close a gender gap that is costing an estim...

50% Of Germans Oppose Fourth Term For Merkel – Poll

Davin Edvard 0

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s domestic popularity has declined, a poll showed on Sunday, with 5...

ASUU Wants Govt To Address Funding, Autonomy In Varsities

Davin Edvard 0

Body claims TSA stifling research efforts, staff development ASUU National President, Dr. Nasi...