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How to boost your Career

How to boost your Career
Just as several things have to be taken into consideration in choosing a career, there are many ways to strengthen it.

Taking your time to ensure that you choose an appropriate career is not a ticket to success. It is only a step towards it, according to experts.

When you start out, it is important for you to work towards improving as time goes on. Without this, you may find yourself wondering if you made the right choice.

To ensure that you continuously improve your career and make a success of it, experts recommend the following steps:

Take stock

Just as it is important for an entrepreneur to review his business, it is necessary for you to evaluate and reevaluate your career from time to time. You need to ensure that it is in agreement with the lifestyle you want. Just because someone else may do this, that or the other thing to develop their career path, doesn’t mean you need to. Do what is best for you.

Seek knowledge continuously

It does not matter whether you are called an information ‘freak’. Experts say as long as you remember that too much of everything is bad, you should seek as much knowledge and information as possible. This can be easily achieved if you read widely or study ‘endlessly’. The more knowledge you acquire, the better you are for it.

Protect your health

This involves regular exercises and eating properly. According to experts, when you exercise regularly, you stand a chance of boosting your productivity. And that will only help you on your way up, while also saving you thousands of naira.

Follow the technology

In today’s world, your chances of making a success of your career can be hampered greatly, if you are not tech savvy. You need to know who to use modern gadgets to get your job done. You also need to be able to adapt to new technology easily. Get training and work towards acquiring skills in this area. The possibility of finding someone who is not computer literate may sound ludicrous but there are many people in this category. As stated earlier, they more you know, the better you are for it.

The Global Jobs Network, which advocates jobs for everyone, says the following tips will go a long way in boosting your career.

Feed your CV

CV is refers to curriculum vitae and it is a kind of guide to your career that records your skills as you expand them. You are required to update the CV every month with what you’ve done, what you’ve learnt and what’s been successful. A detailed outline is useful resources during you’re faced promotion or job interview. It is a comprehensive summary of all your achievements in one place. It should include your education, technical qualifications, past experience, hobbies and your projects. In competitive market, your CV requires to be memorable. Language should be clear, legible and reader friendly.

Keep focus on your career goal

If you have some particular job in your mind, never lose sight of it. You should be up-to date with industry news and its developments. Are employers recruiting for this kind of jobs at the moment? Make yourself eligible for such jobs with the qualification they need. For the self employed, it is important to check out what other doing in their business. You can also make changes as per requirements.

Collect more certificates

You can stay ahead of your peers by continuing your education. If you are working, you can continue your studies with Open Learning University.

Take on a leadership challenge

Go for more opportunities where you have chances to win the race. Don’t feel hesitation from taking and offering advises to people. It will help you in bringing leadership qualities in you. Through this method, you also learn a lot about your strengths.

Keep in touch with your network

Always remain in touch with your ex-colleagues who can helpful for you to boost your career. Drop an email or make a call time to time. Whenever, they find some good opportunity for you, they will let you know about it.


Time management is extremely important. Always follow right time for meetings and even complete projects beforehand.

Work smarter, not harder

Recognise the work within your job, and prioritize accordingly. Think. What is first priority of company and complete the task. Smarter work gets more recognition than hard work.

Collect knowledge

Keep up-to date with current affairs and latest news within your industry. More knowledge will make you different from your colleagues and friends.

Don’t procrastinate

Find out what consume your time, and stop doing it, and instead focus on what is important. It is not only help you in increasing your productivity but also helps in boosting your confidence which will further your positive attitude.

Develop an online presence

Presence on internet is matters more. Go and sign up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and SkillPages. Your first goal should be that your profile be appears on the top so that more and more recruiters have glance of it.

Source: Punch News

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