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Brief History of ASUU Strike from 1999 till date

A member of Myschool (a Nigerian education and information website) compiled a history of ASUU Strike in Nigeria since 1999 to 2013 as shown here.

The series of strike tabled below have been experienced by all Government-owned universities in Nigeria, whose academic lecturers remained under the umbrella of the "Academic Staff Union of Universities -ASUU".

1999---5 months

2001---3 months

2002---2 weeks

2003---6 months (ended in 2004) 

2005---3 days

2006---1 week

2007---3 months

2008---1 week

2009---4 months

2010---5 months & 1 week 

2011---3 months (ended in 2012)

2013---2months, 2 weeks, and still counting.

QUESTION: When Would the 2013 ASUU Strike End? And when will our government resolve the issues behind tertiary education in this country?

If this strike is affecting you in any way, SHARE this history now with friends, and comment your take below!

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