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Interview With The Winning Teams At The iDEA Tinapa 42-Hour Hackathon

                1st Place Winners

Last month, a new innovation hub located at the Tinapa Knowledge City in Calabar launched to help local entrepreneurs build the next big software, solution and service for Nigeria’s growing technology industry.

After a 42-hour app-building competition, three teams emerged winners – Le-Media (built by Team 2), a learning + entertainment app, Educare (built by Team 5), a cross platform 3D game that allows users role play administering first aid to people and Health LaunchPad (built by Team 8), a mobile app that uses rich media to provide health services in Nigeria.

We caught up with the winning team members in an interview and here’s what they had to say about the iDEA hackathon, their apps and the future.

Team 2 says:

The inspiration: The solution we (Team Eagle) came up with at the Hackathon which we named Le-media was in brief terms, an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The need: Le-media is an app that attempts to leverage education and entertainment, coming in as a simple game app which administers mathematical knowledge in an interesting and entertaining medium.

The challenge: There wasn’t much of a challenge during the hackathon as we have trained ourselves to working on projects with short delivery timelines.

The support: The iDEA centre/the hackathon helped us by providing all necessary requirements to make our work stress-free. The timeline provided also helped us to focus our energy as a team and to work together better.

The future: The solution will be published on available mobile app markets and revenue for sustainability and continuity will be generated via relevant ads.

                  1st and 2nd place winners with Gov Imoke

Team 5 says:

The experience: We learnt the power of dedication and focus. What could have taken months to develop, we developed within 42 hours of concerted non-stop effort — motivated by the reward and incentive expected from the Hackathon.

The motivation: Our major motivation for participating in the competition was to challenge ourselves in the area of software development, to know if we are capable of providing solutions to the problem of our own people.

The impact: It has also influenced us in terms of innovative thinking and this will have a strong impact on our careers.

The future: The production of a pilot prototype and commercialization of the application/solution, its effective deployment and utilization to solve the problems of our people is our core objective and the goal of the application development.

                3rd place winners

Team 8 says:

The inspiration: We simply looked at a few of the challenges we had in Nigeria, then we spent time evaluating how rich media can be used in solving these challenges. The health sector seemed to be of enormous importance and it met the requirement of the hackathon theme.

The need: It introduces an alternate source of medical consult when money, accessibility and/or time become bottlenecks. Nigerians can find medical facilities, experts, and a lot of notes and discussions on diagnoses, ailments and health tips. If offers easy usage by providing a single field where you can simply type what is on your mind and have have the system find the result you intend to see. This means if you need to consult an expert based on ,say STDs, just type how you feel or the ailment and the system will match your natural language to experts and medical facilities close to you and based on your financial needs. To have consults, you can chat, message or have VoIP conversations with these experts. Experts offer premium and free services.

The challenge: Our first challenge was the absence of Hackathon Tool Server and Internet connectivity at the Hackathon Event Centre. We had to use our own mobile phone subscriptions to serve as mobile Internet hotspot for our team and other teams before the organizers looked into the matter.

The support: By bringing us together to understand that with rich media we can offer solutions to some of Nigeria’s challenges. The environment (at iDEA Centre) was also encouraging and we could focus more on the problems than logistics.

The future: Solutions mostly need a certain level of financial investment to get implemented. If we happen to find one, we will explore options for sustainability and continuity and potential monetization/profitability.

Source: Techloy

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