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How best to check belly bulge

How to check belly bulge
This is a must read for men with protruding tummy. Researchers have established the fact that a man’s midriff has a role to play in his lifespan.

This is not meant to be a piece of bad news for people who believe it is healthy to lug a bulging stomach around. No. For women, the danger may not be as present as it is for men but medical health stipulates toned stomach for both sexes.

The following reasons account for why some people’s stomachs grow more than the rest of their body.

•Sedentary lifestyle

•High-calorie diet mostly consuming carbohydrates and fat

•Not getting enough exercise



The good news here: You can get rid of that bulge!

Ways of bursting stomach bulge

•Drink less beer to reduce the accumulation of fat in the viscera or stomach.

•Avoid eating dinner very late or before going to bed as this tends to deposit fats on the belly.

•Exercise to lose weight.

•Swimming also helps in getting rid of fats quickly.

•Upper, lower, and oblique exercises for the abdomen also help burn stomach fat.

•Eat smaller meals a day to increase metabolism.

•Avoid sugary and sweet foods as fats and sugar work together in increasing the body’s fat deposits.

•Participate in cardiovascular activities or exercise for at least thrice a week for twenty minutes to prevent fat build-up.

•Rehydrate yourself by increasing water consumption to loosen stomach fats.

• Stress may also result in bulging stomach. Find healthy ways to cope with stress in life by engaging in emotional or physical activities such as exercise.

• Get a daily exercise routine.

Source - The Punch

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