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Ladies seeking marriage on Facebook…beware of fineboys like this dude!

facebook dupe
Facebook dupe

Ajilogba Oluwafemi met Mary on Facebook about five months ago. He claimed to live somewhere in Ministers Hill, Abuja, a born again Christian who attends Redeemed Christian Church, Abuja, and within these months was able to convince Mary that he wanted to marry her.

Two months ago he visited her at Ibadan where she shared the house with her flat mate. He proposed and a date for the wedding was set. Mary began to prepare. She went out to buy clothes and whatever for the wedding.

Excited she gave Ajilogba Oluwafemi access to her ATM, cheque books and other documents as any trusting woman would do to someone she was going to marry soon. Unknown to her Ajilogba Oluwafemi has gotten something up his sleeve. Something sinister hidden beneath that smiling charm.

Before she knew what happened, the Romeo has disappeared with all her possessions including her car.

The case has been reported to the police who are now on his trail.

Source: GoldMyne Entertainment

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