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My lover smashed the windscreen of my Nigeria Idols car prize

Debbie Rise
Debbie Rise was the last girl standing at the previous Nigerian Idols television show. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the songstress said that ever since the show ended it has not been a bed of roses for her.

Even as she said she has been through some challenges in life, she saw them as a stepping stone that would take her to greater height.

The up and coming singer said she would not forget in a hurry how a jealous lover smashed the windscreen of the car she won at the reality television show.

“After having a minor accident with the new car I won from the show, a jealous lover smashed the windscreen so badly and as a result it was a whole new type of challenge, trying to get it fixed, bringing the person to book and getting into Vehicle Inspection Officer’s troubles but I overcame,” she said.

Also she said that some friends had been breathing down her neck saying she doesn’t care about them anymore after all they spent voting for her while on the show.

“I tried to act the same, maintain my old phone numbers of about eight years, tried to keep in touch with all my friends even though it was honestly difficult to keep up. I kept getting Watsapp, sms, Facebook and all kinds of messages from some particular friends with words like ‘what are you feeling like? Is it because you are now a superstar or what?’ Some would even say ‘Debie, you have changed, you can’t even call me after all the money I spent voting for you.’ It really got to me then and I used all my time and resources to try and make all of them see reasons and all, but then they just didn’t stop, so I decided to do my best and leave the rest. But I want to use this opportunity to tell them that I didn’t change one bit, but someday, they will understand. That was one challenge I had also. The important thing is not the gravity of the challenge but how to come out strong, and I must say, I am wiser, stronger and better,” the songstress said.

Already, the singer has two singles out, Nigerian Film and Swagger, which trended on twitter few hours after they were released.

“I released two of my debut singles on November 11 at 11:11am and after an hour of the release, my two songs were trending as the number one and two topics on twitter in Nigeria. I was on over 30 sites and blogs, with about 11,040 ‘likes’ on my fan page on Facebook and as at six days later with over 45,000 downloads. Right now, I am already doing some very hard rehearsals for my videos that will be dropping one after the other but very soon.”

Speaking on her relationship status, she said, “Well I am not searching at the moment. I think I love someone, who I guess loves me too, but we are too busy to admit it. I am just joking. I am single, but not searching. My career comes first.”

Source: The Punch

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