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SUV crushes leg of 9 years old boy in Lagos

With just 25 days to Christmas, 9 years old, Wisdom Ogbuenyi, had dreamt of an exciting yuletide as his parents had already bought beautiful clothes and shoes for him and his siblings. Unfortunately, the primary four pupil’s dream has been dashed as he will no longer make use of his new pair of shoes.

The victim in the hospital

He is currently lying in excruciating pains at the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, where he was rushed to after a Nissan Pathfinder Sport Utility Vehicle, SUV, which was being used for a wedding ceremony, ran over him few meters away from his house on November 30, 2013.

His right ankle has been amputated by doctors at Igbobi following the crash and the young chap may not work with his legs again.

Ironically, this was not what he bargained for that faithful day, when he decided to escort his friend to cut his hair at a saloon located along Salami Street, Mafoluku-Oshodi, Lagos.

He stood outside the saloon, waiting for his friend when the driver of the SUV sped dangerously into Salami Street and lost control. The driver who was later identified simply as Chuks Okere, ran over a red -colored Ford Focus parked along the street and jumped over the concrete along the drainage system in front of the saloon before running over Wisdom Ogbuenyi.

Eyewitness account

An eyewitness told Crime Guard that the boy’s right leg was trapped under the tire of the SUV and he screamed painfully for help. The eyewitness who identified himself as a resident of the area said the driver of the SUV sat motionless on the wheels before sympathizers came to the scene.

According to him, “The incident occurred around 11 am. The driver could not do anything after the accident and he just sat motionless inside the vehicle which was decorated with wedding ribbons, while the poor boy was screaming for help.

I don’t know if he was vomiting, but he was mumbling what I could not understand when I got to the scene. I and some other residents pulled him out of the vehicle and one of us managed to bring out the vehicle and we rushed towards the boy and discovered that parts of his right ankle had been chopped off.

The accidented SUV

We quickly rushed him to Head Mark Hospital and the doctor who is a resident of our community saw the condition and realized it was a case he could not handle. He performed first aid that stopped the bleeding and also made him sleep off after which he asked us to rush him quickly to Igbobi for proper treatment.

We also contacted his parents though his father was not around but his mother followed us to Igbobi. But some other residents called the police at Makinde station, who later came and took the driver and the vehicle to their station,” he narrated.

Father laments

Meanwhile, Wisdom Ogbuenyi’s father is not finding the situation funny as the burden of caring for his son has been on his shoulders alone. The Anambra State-born trader at the popular Lagos Island market said the situation has reduced him to a beggar and a debtor. “ I didn’t plan for this, “ he said, “ but I have spent over N500,000 on this case since it happened.

Most of the money I spent were borrowed. The mother of the boy who drove the vehicle that crushe d my son’s leg only brought N40,000 and the man whose wedding ceremony the driver attended brought only N20,000 and all they want is for me to let go of their son who is in custody.

“The mother of the driver brought the money last Tuesday, she showed up at Igbobi and identified herself as Chuks mother, she sympathized with us. At that time I had paid over N90,000 and I was asked to go and bring another N60,000 to buy medicine, I was about running out to look for the money and the woman arrived and said she had N40,000 with her and I should use it to pay for the bill.

Quickly, ran out and got additional N20,000 for the bill. A man who was with them also donated a pint of blood for my son. Later that day, two men putting on black suit came to my house and said they wanted to assist me, I asked them who they were and they told me that they were residents who heard about the incident and wanted to assist me.

They asked me to take them to the hospital to see my son and I took them to the hospital. After seeing my son, one of the men said he was the man who Chuks attended his wedding.

“I don’t want any case, all I want them to do is to take care of my son and provide an artificial leg for him too so that he can resume school.

The driver’s mother was in my house and said that her son was taken to Kirikiri and she asked if it was my plan and I told her that I was not aware because I was at the hospital when they took the boy to court, “ he stated.

However, the Chairman of Makinde Community Development Association, CDA, Rev. Johnson Olatunde, told Crime Guard that all they needed was support for the boy so he can get proper care and get him back to school.

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