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Chronic, Persistent Catarrh, Sign Of Food Intolerance


Catarrh is a disease of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages and those cavities of the head communicating with them. A feeling of irritation, sensitivity, heat or pain is experienced in the nose, the edges of which are red and swollen; and they may be worse on one side or affecting both nostrils, rendering respiration difficult or impossible.

The irritation in the nose produces a frequent desire to sneeze, accompanied with discharge which maybe clear, arid water or profuse thick yellowish matter which forms one of the most characteristic features of the disease.

As the disease progresses, this secretion becomes purulent, increases in quantity and assumes an exceedingly fetid odour. It escapes only by the nose but passes into the throat, producing irritation there and requiring frequent expectoration, hawking (trying to clear the throat) or scraping for its removal.

Sometimes, crusts or hardened lumps deposit on the membrane of the nose and upper part of the throat, producing a feeling of discomfort and narrowing the nasal passages. It also leads to disturbed respiration. Forceful blowing or persistent hawking is required to remove them — a practice disagreeable to the person affected and also to those around him.

The breath assumes an excessively fetid and sickening odour and becomes occasionally so offensive as to render the person an object of disgust to himself as well as to others.

Some complications of catarrh include;

•Respiratory disturbance necessitating mouth breathing — a method very deleterious to the general health but more particularly to the lungs which become weak and irritable

•The voice loses its musical quality and assumes a discordant harsh and nasal character

•The sense of smell becomes much impaired or entirely lost and the same effect, though less frequent, is produced on taste

•Otitis media (middle ear infection), which may cause hearing impairment

•The eyes are apt to become weak, irritable and disposed to water on exposure to cold and wind after the slightest exertion

•Headaches, which may weaken the memory, produces irritability and moroseness of disposition

Sleep disturbance

Catarrh proves fatal either by debilitating the system and wearing out the patient, or by travelling downward and producing throat infections and bronchitis. A couple presented at our facility in August 2012. They were Hairat, a 39-year-old banker; and her husband, Subair, a 48-year-old businessman.

Both presented with symptoms of catarrh and sneezing. They were referred by a medical doctor who knew about Mart-Life Detox Clinic following a personal encounter with them.

They both claim they have about 12-15 episodes of catarrh and sneezing each year.

A comprehensive Asyra test was carried out and both were found to be histamine intolerant (some of the triggers found were egusi (melon) soup, shrimps, prawns, fish and stock fish). Their environmental sensitivity test revealed various environmental toxins.

All hands went on deck to ensure these symptoms were a thing of the past and treatment modalities tailored to attack these symptoms. They underwent nasal detoxification, which pulls toxins from the head and neck region and expells by expiration. They were also put through physiotherm, a treatment that increases blood supply to the entire system, thereby relieving the engorgement in the nasal vessels

They had sauna and steam baths, which were of great benefit to them; while orthomolecular supplements were administered to maintain patency (the quality or state of being) and increase vascularisation.

They also went through nutrition and lifestyle seminars, which pointed out and educated them on precipitants and how to curb them. They were discharged after a seven-day stay, feeling better and, as they noted, “liberated.” Seeing them a year after revealed a very happy couple who are now able to appreciate what it means to take in fresh air.

Catarrh has been considered an incurable disease and on the strength of that, supposition has been neglected by both the professionals and the public. At Mart Life Detox Clinic, persistent/chronic catarrh and other forms of allergies become a thing of the past.

Source: Punch

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