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Fashion Hairstyles: Clip in Ponytail

Fashion Hairstyles: Clip in Ponytail

No matter how stylish or classy you are there will still be some days when you don’t look your best. It may be a busy day, bad hair day, or an emergency:

The question on your mind would be – What do I do to my hair?

There are a lot of quick hair styles that one can do in minutes and look extremely gorgeous. One of the classiest and most appropriate hair styles to do under such short timing is the Clip in Ponytail.

How to use the clip in ponytail

Step 1:

The first step to the perfect ponytail is to hold your natural hair back with a band. Make sure your natural hair is relaxed. The hair must sleep back properly when held back with a band.

Step 2:

Clip on the Ponytail to your natural hair for instant length. Depending on the ponytail type it could be a clip, a claw or a rope. Use either of these to secure the ponytail to your head.

Step 3:

At this stage you are ready to go out! You have been officially glammed!

Maintaining your ponytail

The fantastic thing about the ponytail is that it can be taken off at any time. All you need to do when you take it out is use a comb to de-tangle and spray some leave in conditioner for maintenance.

Note that there are human hair ponytails and synthetic ponytails. The former will definitely last longer and can be dyed and curled without causing the ponytail any damage. The latter will not last as long but both will serve the same purpose.

Source: Punch

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