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Africa Needs To Improve On Supply Chain Infrastructure – Madu

Multimix Academy as a professional Institute, drives skills and professionalism, what are the achievements so far?

From a very humble beginning, with very few students, factually with one or two certification, we have grown. Right now, we can boast of over two thousand, five hundred students who had gone through our programme, both certification, seminars and workshops in the market. And we have tried to contribute our quota.

We have also had some skill acquisition programmes like the recent one we had on career fare which we tried to point at a direction for some young confused graduates. It was very interesting, the hall was packed full. At the end of the exercise, a lot of them were able to decide on courses to pursue. So, the truth is that, we are operating in the fastest growing career in the world today.

Africa Needs To Improve On Supply Chain Infrastructure – Madu

I think in terms of number and quality skill we have done very well because our products in the market are the ones who sell for us. For that majority of the people that come to our programme are from references. Like I said recently that since10 years ago we started, we are still leading, it means that there is so
mething we are doing rightly.

In terms of achievement, if you look at the way of corporate organisations, top of the bill that we work, that also shows we are not doing badly. The public sector and most importantly, the international institution we represent in Nigeria, all that lend credence to our capability. So, we have grown to the level that every Saturday you come to the academy you meet six, seven courses running simultaneously.

You have introduced a new innovation, consulting, how does it run?

We found out that in the course of our training programmes, the issue of consulting kept rising. And at times, you know you can also do consulting in the classroom, like if you go to an organisation to do a supply chain optimisation programme. What it means, is almost equivalent to actually going through the activities to optimising, looking at the results, processing improvement and all that.

Having done that for quite sometime, and also done few consulting, the truth is that in every consulting, there is a training component, because when you put new processes in place, you have to train people to get used to it and mentor them and you have to institutionalise a governance that would ensure that the process you put in place doesn’t die two weeks after you have left.

So we have a challenge that people within us whether we are strictly a training institution, but we are making effort to say that is not what we are. If we have the capacity to do the kind of training we are doing, then of course we have the capacity to consult because we can boast that no one in this country has the kind of resource that we have in our chosen area.

As I speak to you, I probably don’t want to mention the name of the company. There is a multi-billion naira manufacturing company in Onitsha, that is doing full backward integration, the kind of thing they are manufacturing is not common with the kind of plant you hardly can see in Nigeria or West Africa. We are currently setting up supply chain process for them and also helping them to review their HR processing and then taking up an export department for them because their product has potential outside Nigeria.

Apart from that, there is an oil company we’ve already done the work through, we’ve written their report, and they said ok, you understand the problem. “Send a project plan which we did and it was approved. We are at the contracting stage right now. There is two other oil companies also one we are going to be auditing and improving their import process which is a component of supply chain.

The other one is their procurement process. So you can see, it cut across. We don’t have issue, we have consultancy, we have faculty, we have resource, so getting results that clients are looking for is not an issue at all. That is why the emphasis is going there because every organisation no matter how serious they are would require some kind of improvement or the other on their processes.

African Centre for supply chain, what is it all about, and how does it contribute to the growth of African economies especially Nigeria?

African Centre for supply chain, is an associated organisation to Multimix. It is supposed to be a continental platform to supply chain professionals to help to build capacity. It is very crucial for Africa especially sub-Saharan Africa. Because if you check, Africa is about 20 -21% of the world population but its portion of the entire global case is less than 3% and yet this is where almost all the natural resources are.

It means that something is wrong and that thing that is wrong is supply chain. Because the weak supply chain infrastructure and the rest of them make product coming from Africa incompetitive. It’s surprising but these are the issues. For instance, African Centre partners Multimix to develop trade compliance programme which is currently on-going and that programme is going online in two weeks time which means anyone can take that course within Africa.

Source: Vanguard

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