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Fashion: Sweet Tangerine

Fashion: Sweet Tangerine

Orange-red is back. Featuring as the most popular hue of 2012, the colour is again, the preferred hue for the first quarter of 2014.

Being one of the most cheerful colours of the season, it has the magical power to lift one’s spirits and brighten up a dull day. While it’s not for shy people, the sharp-edged colour will appeal to those who want to make a strong fashion statement.


Note your skin tone

Orange is a beautiful colour and it can flatter one’s features in a beautiful way. But if your skin is pale, avoid wearing this bold colour close to your face as this may make one look washed-out. The easiest way to find out if orange shades suit your face is to hold the chosen piece of garment near your face when you are trying on clothes at the store.

If your face gets a nice highlight, then you can be sure that orange colour will look amazing on you. But if your face looks too dull, orange will not look good on you.

Pair with white

White is the perfect partner for vivid citrus tones. It provides the clear, crisp contrast that the colour needs.

Think casual

Softly faded denim is a perfect citrus partner because it looks like a neutral attire and brings a fitting, casual attitude to the pairing.

Tread carefully

Adding matching bright shoes to an already vivid outfit can be overkill. For example, a tangerine shift dress should be paired with soft brown sandals.


Choose shoes in neutral shades like grey, khaki, white or black.

Accessorise with chic belts, stylish handbags, fashionable headbands, bracelets and necklaces.

Two subtle ways to incorporate orange-red into your wardrobe are:


If you’re a bit apprehensive about wearing orange but want to give it a try, then lingerie is a great place to start. Since “nobody” sees it but you, it’s the perfect way to experiment with shades without feeling like everyone is staring at your odd choices. Wearing orange lingerie can help you gain confidence in wearing bolder colours. It also helps you get used to seeing yourself in orange before you try it out in public.

•Purses and handbags

An orange purse is the best way to introduce orange into your style. Paired with a black or grey outfit, the purse will blend in perfectly.

Source: Punch

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