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Health: You Need A Massage Chair

There’s no doubt about it. Human touch is nearly impossible to duplicate. However, some companies have come pretty darn close. There are dozens of massage chairs on the market that can relax and rejuvenate the mind and body without you needing to step foot outside your home.

So why purchase a massage chair instead of making an appointment at a local spa? Here are some of the advantages.

1. Convenience: Let’s face it, Spas today are slammed with business. It is very possible that your regular therapist may not have an opening on a day and/or time that is convenient for you. Having a massage chair in your home is like having a therapist on call at all times.

2. Cost: On the surface, massage chairs seem pricey. But think about it. We spend a lot of money on home gym equipment. Why? Because it pays off in the long run. Rates for a nationally certified massage therapist can range from N6000 to even over N15, 000 per hour depending on training, location and any added service. Sitting in your massage chair a few times will make up for the price. But, coupled with all the other advantages a massage chair in the home offers, price should not be a factor.

3. Privacy: not everyone feels comfortable in the intimate environment of a massage parlour. The touch of a stranger may sometimes not allow one to relax like one should when getting a massage. Being in the privacy of one’s own home and space can create the adequate environment required for maximum relaxation.

4. On-demand: going along with the convenience factor, having a chair at home allows for an on-demand massage. If one moves some furniture, does a big once-over on the house, spends the day gardening or some other chore that takes a toll on the body, they can just relax in their chair instead of going to a spa.

5. Quality: advanced technology: according to, today’s massage chairs are equipped with high quality and top of the line mechanisms that mimic the shiatsu method of massage therapy. And, not only do these chairs, most often recliners, take care of the back. They can also massage the arms, legs, shoulder and neck.

6. Dual function: most new massage chairs are designed to fit many styles and décor, meaning the massage chair can double as not just a functional massage chair with health benefits, but also as a new piece of furniture in a living room or den. When not being used as a massager, it can just serve as a comfortable place to sit.

7. Predictability: Sometimes, after booking an appointment somewhere, you may end up getting a new therapist, someone who makes you uncomfortable or someone who is either too soft or too hard on you. Having a massage chair you are comfortable with means you will get the same results all the time.

Source: Punch

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