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Nigerians At Risk of Vector-borne Diseases – APHPN Chairman

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The Chairman, Association of Public Health Physician of Nigeria, Kwara State chapter, Dr. Adekunle Salaudeen, has said no fewer than 150 million Nigerians are at risk of vector-borne diseases.

He also said that more than half of the population is at risk of the diseases across the globe while the populace in sub-Saharan Africa, is at risk of one vector borne disease or the other.

He spoke in Ilorin last Thursday at a conference to mark the 2014 World Health Day entitled, ‘Vector borne-disease: small bite, big threat.’ To celebrate the event also, physicians marched along major streets, in Ilorin, to enlighten the citizens on the importance of keeping clean surroundings.

Salaudeen identified common vector-borne diseases in the country as malaria, yellow fever, river blindness, sleeping sickness, dengue fever and Lassa fever.

He stated,“These diseases are best prevented than treated. Most effective ways of preventing the vector-borne disease is by preventing bites of these insects. This can be achieved by cleaning the surroundings around homes, cleaning drainages, using window nets, and insecticide treated bed nets, appropriate clothing (long sleeve bright colour) and insect repellant body lotion among others.”

Noting that the government had made some efforts to reduce the prevalence of the diseases, he called on the authorities to invest more on enlightenment programmes and provision of medical facilities.

He also called on the citizens to imbibe good waste disposal and sanitary habits to ensure that the vectors do not breed in the environment.

Source - The Punch

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