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I’ve Never Written a Job Application Letter — DJ Jimmy Jatt

I’ve Never Written a Job Application Letter — DJ Jimmy Jatt
DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt comes across to Nigerians as one DJ who has been in the Nigerian music industry for decades. This year, the DJ who has refined the image of DJs in the country, will be celebrating his 25th anniversary of being in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Speaking to Saturday Tribune at a press conference, he said “I made up my mind to be a DJ professionally in 1989, though I had been doing it before then. I am celebrating 25 years of consistency, hard work and relevance.”

Relieving what it was like to be a DJ 20 years ago in Nigeria, Jimmy Jatt said “I got into it at a time people would laugh at you and lock you out of their homes because you were a DJ. They never thought it would be a profession, but since then, I have not had an off-day as a DJ.”

He then added, “Right now, DJs are being celebrated, and I want up-and-coming aspiring DJs to see that there is life as a DJ, with the launch of the DJ Jimmy Jatt Foundation for the entertainment arts.”

Unknown to many, Jimmy Jatt has collaborated with almost every A-list musician in the country.

“I have never written any job application in my life. I had been producing songs for people as a school boy. This is why as one of our projects for the anniversary one of the projects lined up for my 25th anniversary will showcase a giving-back programme for aspiring and young DJs,” he said.

Talking about his motivation and driving force, he said his motivation at that time had been to prove to people who wrote him off that he could make it as a DJ.

“I am also married with kids and I owe it to my family to be responsible,” he added.

When asked if he could do any other thing asides being a DJ, he said he would probably be a record label owned. “Even if I was to read Law, I would be successful because I am a passion-driven person. If it was about the money, I would not get to this stage today.”

His marital life, however, has been kept from prying eyes because, according to Jimmy Jatt, “this is the only part of my life that I have to protect and cherish. My life is an open book.”

The DJ, who recently celebrated his wedding anniversary, added to say, “The myth about a marriage not working when you meet your spouse in a club is a lie. I met my wife in a party and we have been married 24 years.”

On what his reaction would be if one of his children would want to become DJ, he said, “Yes, I will support my child to be a DJ, irrespective of sex.”

His top 10 musicians? Jatt said, “I don’t like name dropping, but I deal with music everyday. The only thing I can tell you is that whether it’s top 5 or top 2, you will find 2Face there.”

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