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Nollywood: The Big Boobs Boom

Someone once told me that the only physical feature one can see at a glance that differentiates a woman from a man is the bust. For an average woman, it can be a source of pride, a symbol of womanhood and even an added advantage to explore all the fashion trends. And yet for different women, their busts mean different things.

While some believe it is a great blessing others do not think so and there are those that believe it has caused them more pain than joy. But in Nollywood, the tales seem to have one ending- a great gift from God to be flaunted. Here are some Nollywood damsels with great busts:

It makes me look sexy with my flat tummyJoke Jigan

Nollywood: The Big Boobs Boom

For the lovers of Yoruba movies, the Bisola Beyonce star, Joke Jigan isn’t just another famous face with a knack for driving home her roles as effortlessly as possible, she is also a voluptuous beauty that entrances her fans with just as much of her talent as well as a bosom that seems to jump out of the screen to play tricks on her hapless watchers.

When asked if her boobs are either a blessing or a curse, the light-skinned fashionista opened up her heart “ On a personal level, big boobs are a blessing to me rather than a curse. Mine is a blessing, a gift from God .It makes me look sexy with my flat tummy .It enhances my sexiness and most Nigerian men love big boobs. It’s God’s gift to me’ She said.

But Joke doesn’t dote on her boobs alone “ Every part of my body is sexy to me, I can’t place a finger on which part of my body that is the sexiest. For me, I believe every part of my body is sexy” she told Potpourri.

It’s a blessing when it’s naturalCynthia Agholor

Nollywood: The Big Boobs Boom

Beautiful, sexy and busty actress, Cynthia Agholor, who has been around in Nollywood for over a decade knows all the tricks when it comes to using what you have to the best effect. Her bosom never seems to be quiet even when the actress tries to be as inconspicuous as possible but then she is not one who goes begging to hide what God has blessed her with.

“I have it, that is why I’m flaunting it. And besides, I’m an international model, so why won’t I flaunt what God has endowed me with? ” she once said.

But recently in a chat with me, she reaffirmed her conviction that big boobs are nothing but a blessing “ It’s a blessing when it’s natural. Nowadays it’s the in-thing. It’s sexy and beautiful when it’s big that is why people spend millions for enlargement.” she told me.

I have friends begging for bigger boobs like mineMimi

Nollywood: The Big Boobs Boom

Mitchell Ozakpolor, known in Nollywood simply as Mimi, has once beaten her heavy chest that she has the biggest boobs in Nollywood, saying people believe Cossy has the biggest because she flaunts hers at will.

“One good thing about me is that I really don’t flaunt my “oranges”. I just wear dresses that I like and the “oranges” flaunt themselves, whether the neckline of my dresses are showing my cleavage or not. But my cleavage is just obvious because my “oranges” are massive. I think my “oranges” are the biggest in Nollywood” she said.

In comparison to Cossy Orjiakor’s legendary bust, Mimi maintains hers is bigger. “No, but people think she is. She is not. If I pack up my “oranges” the way she packs hers, to be frank people won’t walk on the street, believe me. I try to pack mine in such a way that it won’t be obvious and so that some guys won’t jump on me and start begging me to kiss them.

It’s because not everybody has it. I have some friends, in fact, a lot of people that are begging and praying to God everyday for bigger boobs. Mine is natural although when I drink Coca-Cola often, it increases my boobs.

If I drink it constantly, I would have to change my bra size because it makes my boobs get bigger. A lot of my friends did that, they drank and drank but it didn’t work for them. I tell you, it’s not easy to be busty” she enthused.

Big boobs are really attractiveIfeoma Okeke

Nollywood: The Big Boobs Boom

Actress, Ifeoma Okeke is big, beautiful and bold. She is a hot item who is never afraid to bare her mind on any issue. Concerning her big boobs, typical Ifeoma is unapologetic.

“My breasts make me beautiful, I’m proud of what I’ve got, that’s all. It is my way of telling God that I love what I’ve got. I’m endowed all over. I am not trying to say that men run after me because I have big boobs but the truth is that big boobs are really attractive and people do appreciate it in their various ways. Most men like big boobs but those who like it normal will not fall in love with me and vice versa”

Source: Vanguard

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