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UN Security Council Blacklists Boko Haram

UN Security Council Blacklists Boko Haram

The United Nations Security Council, Thursday, designated Boko Haram an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group and slapped arms and asset sanctions on the militant group.

Boko Haram has heightened its deadly attacks in recent weeks with the abduction of over 250 school girls in Chibok, Borno State, as well as raids on rural communities and bombing campaigns in the north of the country.

The UN announcement follows a proposal by the Nigerian government in collaboration with the United States of America to the UN to designate the group a terrorist organisation.

By virtue of this blacklisting, individuals or organisations that provide financial or arms support to the group will automatically be classified as supporting a terrorist group and will be subjected to similar sanctions.

"It is significant step," said Nigerian Permanent representative to the UN, Joy Ogwu. "The important thing is to attack the problem and that is terrorism," she added.

Though they had earlier individually designated the group a terrorist organisation, the U.S., Canada and Britain have welcomed the move.

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, said it's an "important step" to hold the "murderous leadership" of the group accountable.

"By adding Boko Haram to the UN's 1267 sanctions list, the Security Council has helped to close off important avenues of funding, travel and weapons to Boko Haram, and shown global unity against their savage actions," she said.

According to President Goodluck Jonathan, Boko Haram has killed more than 12,000 since it started its violent campaign in 2009. A twin-bomb attack in the central city of Jos on Tuesday, believed to have been carried out by the group, killed at least 120 people injuring several others.

Source: allAfrica

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