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Four Ways Technology Can Stop Terrorism

Four Ways Technology Can Stop Terrorism

If you’ve ever watched a well directed Hollywood anti-terrorism movie, you know without thinking twice that the bad guys will be caught. If the surveillance cameras don’t do the trick, the phone tapping or wires worn by secrets agents will. In actual fact, when you watch an action movie, you look out for one important feature-Gadgets!

But beyond our admiration for action films, our country faces a grave challenge of insecurity and stakeholders might just be right in arguing that technology can play a huge role in keeping the country safe. 

Here are some basic ideas:

1. Social media Campaigns

#BringBackOurGirls – If you recognize this hashtag, you’re one in ten million who do. It is because of this hashtag that the over 300 girls kidnapped in Chibok two months ago have any hope of being found. Social media campaigns draw attention to issues of national security that would otherwise be swept under the carpet.

2. National biometric data base
If the Chibok event happened in an advanced country, some security agents would have swept the area for finger prints. These prints would then be compared against a database of registered prints, making it easier to identify and locate the culprits. No such luck in Nigeria; At least not yet.

3. Surveillance cameras

Apart from reality television, big brother is not everyone in this country. And that is a good thing for privacy rights, but the flip side is that these rights also apply to terrorists. Only a fraction of streetlights in Nigeria are working and electricity supply in on about half the time.

4. Phone tapping

They call you at work, send messages ten times a day, and can tell when you’re out of credit. Would it be wrong to assume that the telecommunication networks seem to know what is going on with your phone per time? What about the terrorists? Do they subscribe to networks within or outside the country?

Source - Vanguard

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