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Amazing Scientific Devices You Probably Don't Know About

The world is full of amazing inventions that make our lives easier. While inventions such as the light bulb and the automobile are obvious tools that have changed the world, there are many other precise instruments that have been invented that truly have changed the course of history, whether we know it or not.

Amazing Scientific Devices You Probably Don't Know About
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Clinometers, for example, are used in many lines of work including forestry, construction and surveying. In forestry, the clinometer can accurately measure the height of trees, which is important information that is collected to help make decisions about forestry management. Aside from measuring height, clinometers also are used to calculate inclination and slope, as well as the pitch and roll of boats and aircraft. So, as you can see, many industries depend upon this important device.

When building roads, the clinometer can help ensure that the slope and grade of a road is safe. Failure to account for the slope or grade of a road can create conditions that have the potential to be life threatening. For construction, it is important to determine that the ground is level and does not slope, so a clinometer also is used for this purpose. In addition, specialized clinometers are used to align and calibrate machinery to precise degrees. Even the tiniest errors in calibration can have a catastrophic effect on the precision of hundreds of products.
Amazing Scientific Devices You Probably Don't Know About
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Theodolites are another category of instrumentation that has advanced the technological capabilities of mankind. Again, this is a tool often used by surveyors to measure the angles of land in both the horizontal and vertical plane. But balloon observation theodolites also are used to help meteorologists measure the heights of clouds, which can help them predict the weather. In addition, theodolites also are used in rocket launch technology to help track the location of rockets.

Amazing Scientific Devices - Telescope
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When one thinks about a telescope, astronomy is probably one of the first things that will spring to mind. While it is true that telescopes are used to view distant objects, such as stars and other celestial objects, there are many types of telescopes used for other purposes. For example, an alignment telescope is a helpful device used by scientists and engineers to make extremely precise calculations and measurements.
Amazing Scientific Devices: T100 Autocollimator
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There are also devices that have been invented, such as the autocollimator, which can precisely measure angles, especially tiny angles at high levels of precision. The autocollimator is especially handy because the device casts images onto a target mirror and measurements are made without ever touching the object you wish to measure. These devices are extremely helpful for creating various mechanical systems.

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Carey Bourdier enjoys blogging about precision scientific instruments. To get more details about alignment tools like a maple wood Jacob staff, or to find further information about a telemetric alignment system, check out the Warren Knight site now.

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