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How to Make a Good Job Application Cover Letter

How to Make a Good Job Application Cover Letter

When applicants write their cover letter, they do it by highlighting the best qualifications which will make the Manager read and not reject it. While there is no best format for the cover, there are series of tips to be followed when writing it. One of the tips is the cover letter proofreading which is very important.

There are some tips that will help you as well and you need to follow them to make it well published and strong. The first thing is to address it to the intended individual or person. If a job posting does not include the information about the owner or the person then do some research to immediately find out the right person to be addressed.

Also, you must try calling the employer if it is possible to call him or her. If there is an ad that states phone calls are not allowed then do follow it. Another way is to ask the receptionist for his or her name. Always keep it professional in away by using addresses like Miss Smith or Mr. Jones. Be specific with their names as much as possible.

When you write a certain type of letter and you are unable to know the name of their hiring manager then you can use the address, Dear Hiring Manager or anything for as long as you will not use To Whom It May Concern. Avoid using this and everything will be presentable as it is. Another thing is to make sure you hand sign the mailed cover letters to get rid of mass mailing notion.

Also, minimize the word I, restate it as something that will say what you can do for them and not the other way around. The main thought must be about the things that you can contribute to the company. Keep everything simple as well by using 12 point Times New Roman along with bullets and just short paragraphs.

Always use a creative closing. Avoid using the common words like sincerely yours or thank you for the consideration because they are so overrated. Think of anything that can make it fully stand out and be well remembered. You can also try using other words like yours always, enthusiastically yours, good wishes and everything applicable.

Be sure to customize the letter in every job that you will apply for. Customizing it is significant to match the job qualifications that they need. It should also highlight all the qualifications of the job opening and the keywords relevant to the job. Never forget to be careful when customizing, remove the references to various companies as well.

Make all the printed copies very presentable and professional. For your paper copies, always use a good quality stationary with the best performing printer. Its physical look will give them the first impression and so ensure that everything is professionally presented to increase your chance.

Keep it simple and short. Write one that is only half page in length and two thirds at most. Its main goal is to get the hiring professional read the resume and not restate it. Writing it so briefly means you understand the real value of his or her time in reading.

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