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Edo North’s Unsettled Pair: Shagadi And Momoh

Edo North’s Unsettled Pair: Shagadi And Momoh

By tradition, I am not a politician, but nearly made a slip to join a political party over a year ago and I will explain my reasons for daring such a move: I saw the developments that were going on in my senatorial district by the state government and just retiring from the Federal Civil Service, I had thought that to identify with the progressive government from my ward level, would create a platform to enhance my contributions, but I had a shocking experience which quickly put me on the reverse gear.

The shock came from a blood relation whom I had assigned to handle the booking of chairs and canopies and when I telephoned him to ask how I can go about my registration at the ward level, he let out the shock: “you have to see our leaders back home before registration”. I ignored his message and asked: “where is the ward register and are you not the one to effect my registration?”

“Yes, but the leaders have to be seen?” he repeated.
“Who are they?” I asked.
“Shagadi is one of them”, he said.
“But he is from Ward three” I replied.
He was quiet.
I did a quick calculation.

Shagadi and I know each other very well, and indeed, I am compelled to reveal here that he was once in the palace of the late H.R.H. M.J. Momoh, who was the Otaru of Auchi Kingdom and was also a member of the Western Regional House of Chiefs and Shagadi, amongst his palace assignments used to be in the Otaru’s entourage to Ibadan. He is in a better position to reveal how he got the name “Shagadi”, which of course cannot be traced to his family line.

Severally, stories in the media originating from Alhaji Usman “Shagadi” and Hon. (Engr.) Abubakar Momoh (presently a federal legislator (Etsako Federal Constituency) and of recent on page 13, Vanguard of Friday, August 8, 2014 a story credited to “Shagadi” titled – “Edo North Election between Oshiomhole, PDP” was quite revealing in expressing the mindset of the duo who defected from APC back to PDP.

My main hobby amongst others is to watch and relate with politicians whose deceitful belief makes them think they are extremely clever and smart. When they are not prepared to be led in any gathering, they will certainly not be followed when their time in leadership come. For Hon. Abubakar Momoh, his political activities started as a councillor, then Local Government Council Chairman, State House of Assembly, and presently he is in the House of Representatives and aspiring to the Senate. Perhaps if he gets to the Senate, his next pursuit will be the governorship position.

It is a glaring fact that the duo of Shagadi and Momoh have lost followership on ground at home. Publications of stories in newspapers as the one credited to “Shagadi” doesn’t unfold the reality on ground over there.

Usman “Shagadi” would recall my last call to him suggesting to him to stay where he was in order to sustain his waning reputation rather than defecting to a party he once prepared a carton coffin, buried it and proclaimed that the PDP is dead and buried. I don’t know of any community where coffins are exhumed and life is put back into the carcass of the long ago buried corpse.

Source: Vanguard

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