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Semen Makes Women Happier And More Affectionate

Semen Makes Women Happier And More Affectionate

Turns out that we should all be dolling out oral sex treats for the good of our mental health, as a new study has found semen to be a natural antidepressant.

Hmmm…this is a new one on us boys.

The study carried out by The State University of New York found that semen has ‘mood-altering chemicals’ which will elevate our mood and increase our affection levels.

Not only that, seminal fluid has also been found to induce sleep and contain at least three antidepressants.

Taking it one step further, researchers have claimed that on this basis, women that have regular unprotected sex are less likely to be depressed and perform better on cognitive tests.

The happiness-boosting chemicals found in semen include:
  • Cortisol – known to increase affection
  • Estrone and oxytone – which both elevate your mood
  • A hormone which releases thyrotropin, an anti-depressant
  • Melatonin – a sleep inducing agent
  • Serotonin – an anti-depressant

But before you go about starting your mornings with a semen smoothie – these are just hypothesis for now.

The researchers rounded up 293 female students and asked them to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about their mental health and certain aspects of their sex life.

Any unprotected sexual activity was used as an indirect measure of the presence of seminal plasma being in the women’s bodies.

They then completed a Beck Depression Inventory to ascertain their mental state.

The study found that women who were having unprotected sex showed less depressive symptoms than those who used condoms or even those who abstained from sex altogether.

We're not sure this counts as conclusive evidence just yet science guys – but we’d be interested to know the effects of this as a chat up line on the ladies.

Source: Yahoo! Lifestyle

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