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Why Do Ladies Earn Less On The Job Compared With What Men Can?

Why Do Ladies Earn Less On The Job Compared With What Men Can?

Men and women today are equal in all aspects. This is what we commonly see today however we can't deny the fact that there are still a few places to find without equality among genders - one is in the workplace. The most obvious case with regard to equality in the workplace is that women earn less money than men. In 2001, the GAO or Government Accountability Office made a report that the total weekly earnings of women were only about 75% of what men were earning. For every dollar which a man is earning at work, a woman only makes about 80 cents - this has been going on for decades since women started working.

So what brings about the huge difference in what women are earning compared to that of men? Listed below are a few factors as to why the male gender earns more from work.

Time commitment for work

Working hours is one of the huge factors that affect the earnings made by each gender. In a whole year, with regard to the genders women are more prone to lesser attendance at work. Furthermore, since women are more likely to leave their jobs and mostly would not stay for long in a job, their specific wages can be affected.

With regards to time, we can also say that women have lesser time commitment to their jobs especially when they have children to take care of at home. Thus, the less time that is spent at work results to lesser wage and earnings for women. Also, according to statistics married men with kids are actually more motivated to work than those that are single and especially than women whether single or married.

Being in the wrong job

One more significant element that affects earnings at work for both genders is their choice in careers. Obviously, if you're employed in a job where more muscle instead of brains is needed and you're a woman then you're likely to make less money. However, though the lesser strength and physical requirement, some jobs would still provide the male gender with greater opportunities for more income. Having to work in the office also requires endurance whether mental as well as physical through overtimes, additional projects, rush projects and so on. As a basic fact, men are able to handle more work regardless if it is mental or physical - thus providing them with the opportunity to make more money.

Employer's preference

One more culprit as to why women these days earn less income than men is the preference of the employer. Since they own the business, they have pretty much all the right to do with it including choose the gender of their staff or employees. This can be influenced by past experiences with regard to handling male or female employees or is simply influenced by the performance of each gender.

Listed here are just a brief overview of the factors which affect the lesser earnings of the female gender compared to the male gender. With the society where we are living in which is mostly ruled by men and tradition. However, not because the female gender is the weaker gender it doesn't mean that she will be under estimated - there are certain things that only women can do and they do it perfectly!

Do you agree/disagree with the above reasons or you have another? Let us know by commenting below.

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