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Bad Foods That Are Not Bad After All

Bad Foods That Are Not Bad After All

White rice: White rice has more essential nutrients than brown one due to fortification. It may surprise you to hear that the brown rice’s bran layer contains phytic acid, an anti nutrient that makes minerals such as iron and zinc hard to absorb. In addition, brown rice contains higher levels of arsenic than white one.

Coffee: In addition to containing caffeine that helps you get alert, coffee is one of the main sources of flavonoids. They are known to protect cells from the natural negative effects associated with ageing and help improve heart health. Coffee helps reduce the risk for diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Moderate amounts of coffee (about three cups per day) can have modest health benefits without evidence of health risk.

Pasta: Pasta made from white durum wheat has a glycemic index of 50 – considered to be low. It means eating pasta won’t cause a quick spike of blood sugar and will keep you feeling fuller for a long time. The secret is to keep portions to no more than a cup cooked.

Beef: Eating moderate amounts of lean beef can actually help you lose weight and improve your overall health. Beef provides several essential minerals and vitamins, including protein, B-vitamins, zinc and iron.

Dried fruit: Many dieters avoid dried fruit because it has more concentrated calories than fresh fruit. While this seems to be true, dried fruit can also be enjoyed as a replacement for desserts such as candy or baked goods. Dried fruits contain the same nutrients as their fresh counterparts. They are also antioxidant powerhouses. Look for options which have not added sugar.

Popcorn: Researchers reported that popcorn is packed with phytonutrients. The beneficial compounds are in the darker hulls of the kernel. Popcorn contains nearly twice as many polyphenols, compared to a serving of fruit. What is more, popcorn is absolutely whole grain; unlike many other whole grain foods that are only partially made with whole ones.

Source: Punch

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