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Frontier 100 Forum: Global Corporate Leaders to Discuss Innovative Investing in African Emerging Markets in New York

Frontier 100 Forum: Global Corporate Leaders to Discuss Innovative Investing in African Emerging Markets in New York city.
IGD's Leadership Council and Frontier Leaders talk about the value of the IGD network
and the Frontier 100 Forums

The Initiative for Global Development (IGD), a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., will convene its Frontier 100 Forum in New York City on October 21st-22nd, 2014. The two-day invitation-only event, Africa: Innovative Investing in Emerging Markets, will convene corporate leaders from around the world to discuss opportunities and address challenges to investment in Africa.

Every year, IGD hosts two forums, one preceding the World Economic Forum in Africa and one in New York City. The 2014 Africa Frontier 100 was held in Abuja, in recognition of Nigeria realigning its economy to become the number one economy on the continent. Participants included the Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment and other business executives from Africa, including the CEOs of Africa Finance Corporation and Computer Warehouse Group, and senior executive representatives from PwC and Accenture, among many others.

This year in New York City, in addition to the Frontier Leaders, who are CEOs and senior executives of sector-leading companies around the world committed to business-driven development in Africa, the Forum will also bring together investors and fund managers from the U.S. and prominent journalists to discuss important aspects of investing in the continent in agriculture, financial service, ICT, power/infrastructure, and more. The cross-cutting themes will be innovation, impact measurement, and workforce development on the continent.

At the Forum, IGD will release a special report on Addressing Africa's Skills Gap: A business-driven approach to enhancing the employability of Africa's workforce. The report will unveil important measurable, action-oriented opportunities for collaboration between companies to resolve this important issue, while at the same time enhancing their business strategies. Additionally, a new website will be launched at the Forum showcasing CEOs' perspectives on investing in Africa, with a focus on dispelling the myths and misperceptions about the region.

In attendance at the Frontier 100 Forum will be representatives from Microsoft, Trimble, Equity Bank, Press Corp, International Green Structures, SeedCo, CGEM, Afrexim Bank, PwC, BMCE Bank, Novus International, among others. Many investors from financing groups such as Cartica Capital, Commonfund, Brandywine Group, and investment offices at Tufts University and Brown University will also be present. Additionally, emerging markets experts from the World Bank, McKinsey Global Institute, Morgan Stanley, and business journalists from the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg,, Africa Trade, Jeune Afrique, and Devex will join the CEOs and investors at this dynamic forum to discuss innovative investing in Africa.

This year, the Forum will also be extended to Washington D.C. where the African CEOs delegation will meet with representatives of the U.S Government and international organizations. The attendees will join a special luncheon on October 23 with former Ambassador to South Africa Donald Gips in a discussion on action steps following the recent US-Africa Leaders Summit.

Source: allAfrica

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