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Greensprings Pupils Develop Mobile Web Browser

Two brothers, Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime, who created a mobile web browser, share their experience about the online appliance with select journalists. Charles Abah of The Punch was there.

Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime develop mobile web browser
Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime

The Ikhianosime brothers–Osine and Anesi–are not twins. They are not in the same class in school. While Osine is in Year Seven, Anesi is in Year Nine. Their physiques also differ: Anesi is older and taller than Osine. These characteristics seem to be all that distinguish the siblings.

They, however, share the same vision and aspiration in life, at least, at this young age. No wonder, the youngsters, who are pupils of the Greensprings School, Lagos, have combined to develop a mobile web browser called the Crocodile Browser Lite.

Reviewing the web browser, Google Play Store says, “The CBL gives you a fast all-in-one web experience- and is excellent in searching, browsing, downloading. The browser is capable of opening pages at a high speed. The new user interface design improves the user experience of the browser. This new browser will catch your eyes.”

But for the lads, the CBL is a brand new design mode for tablets and mobile telephones with a different time management setting and process.

Anesi said, “I had an idea about building a browser and Osine also had his. So, both of us brought our ideas together and that was how Crocodile Browser came into being. At a time, I had a very small mobile handset and Google chrome was not working efficiently with it. So, I decided to create something that could work easily and efficiently with the small phone, and without all the bogus features that was how we came about the CBL.

“Apart from the browser and an initial e-net surfer we created, we have also created some games that would need further perfection before we make them public.

“We have developed some apps before now, but they are not in the Play Store because they were more like games and stuffs like that. However, the games that we created were not for commercial purposes because as against the 3D that they ought to be, they were 2.5 D. Until we begin to build 3D games, we will not think about selling any of our games. We, however, are working towards that,”Edo State-born Anesi says as he explains how they came about the idea.”

But did they just accomplish all these without hurdles and challenges? To this, the lad notes that the journey so far had cost them sleepless nights and perhaps “messing up” of some household equipment, such as computers and laptops.

He adds, “We practically started all these quite early in life. We started using computers at such an early age. I started fiddling with computers at age five and Osine at three. Initially, we were just messing around with the computers and other gadgets in the house even to the extent of damaging them.”

Apart from the exposure that they received at home, Anesi also gives kudos to their school for offering them the spotlight they are currently getting and enjoying.

He says, “Getting to where we are has a lot to do with the exposure our parents and the school have given to us. In school, we do a lot about Information Communication Technology. Besides, I belong to the Web Design Club since Year Seven because it is something I have always been interested in. In the club, we have the opportunity to learn stuffs like this. So, I think every youth should be given an opportunity to explore and try out something.”

At the mention of youths, Osine, who takes the credit of writing the codes for their appliances, immediately takes over from his brother, canvassing that the government should cater more to the needs of the young ones.

According to him, every youth needs an opportunity to explore and try out something.

Osine adds, “I feel disheartened seeing young people denied education because I know we are really not better than them. So, the government should do whatever it takes to educate children in good schools for an assured future.”

Giving insight into his coding approach, Osine notes that he uses such sites as the Code Academy, Code Avengers and books like Android for Game Development and Games for Dummies for his experimentation.

The Assistant Principal (Pastoral) of their school, Mr. Patrick Olatunji, while assessing the youngsters, describes them as young creative minds.

The lads, he says, latched onto the facilities and groups in the school to break into the IT world.

He adds, “In these boys, we have pupils who are going somewhere and know where they are going, having discovered themselves early.

“They are the school brand ambassadors, especially in the Information Technology world, which they have chosen. They are also telling the world what our school has in store.”

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