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Self Determination For Teenagers: Managing The Kids Through Teen Years


Good Lord, Mary Jane. You have no determination, yet you need to manage those teenagers. Well, before you can manage a teenager you will need self-determination otherwise you might as well hire a nanny permanently to do your job.

Raising kids is difficult, but when these kids become teenagers, we often have to find ways to keep them happy. Since media, school, peers, and other influences changes their mind often, we have to adapt to new ways to keep our kids off the street. Learning how to keep the family a cohesive unit successfully, can benefit us in many ways.

By no means is it easy for any parent to raise children in this fast-paced, high-rising technology based world. Therefore, we sometimes as parents must step back and review our experiences, decisions, self, doubts, fears, and all those other traits to decide if we are productively managing the kids through teen years successfully. The key to raising a teenager understands where adolescents start and where puberty begins. The very first success tip I will provide you: STAY informed.

Most our problems are because people fail to stay informed. Firstly, your child will go through a puberty stage, which will cause confusion. You can quickly clear up this confusion by helping your child understand what he or she will expect. Puberty is not an emotional or mental condition. Puberty is a physiological and biological change. When a child becomes upset, it is often because he or she is unaware that the body is going through changes that are guiding him or her to adulthood. This is the preparation phrase, or stage. When the child does not understand, what he or she is going through it will cause confusion that affects the emotions. Parents often fail here simply because – what did I say – they do not stay informed or learn about what conditions their child’s behaviors.

Puberty usually lasts a couple of years and once it passes, the child seems freed. We encourage you to take more time to learn about puberty. Yet, puberty is not the only issue we face as parents when it comes to raising teenagers. Teenagers struggle through these years battling peer pressure, and sometimes bullies. Take time to stay informed. Develop a communication pattern with your child to make sure he or she is doing well at school. Make sure you spend quality time with your child and find ways to help him or her cope with peer pressure, puberty and other changes that occur during the adolescents phase.

When you know where your child is, how your child is doing, and knows what he or she feels inside, it helps you to make better decisions in rearing children, including teenagers. Take time to learn and help your child learn about his or her needs, feelings, etc. Be sure to help your child develop his or her personality so that your child becomes a success when the child becomes an adult.

Give your child elbowroom to breathe. Try to avoid distrusting, or making your child feel as though you do not trust him or her. Realize that like you, your child will make mistakes. This is part of growing up and learning. Try to avoid beating your child down (That is mentally) by punishing him or her heavily when the child makes mistakes. Rather, take time to open a discussion with your child and help them to learn from their mistakes. Help your child to understand consequences from behaviors, decisions, etc. Learn more about dealing with teenagers with self-determination.

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