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SHOCK ALIEN CLAIM: NASA Cuts The ISS Live Feed Moments After UFO Appears

NASA has been accused of a cover-up of the existence of aliens after its video live feed of the International Space Station (ISS) apparently went off just as a UFO appeared to be entering Earth’s atmosphere.

International Space Station unidentified flying object
The 'UFO' as captured on film before the live stream went down.
The footage, which was being broadcast live by the US space agency, appears to show a blurry object descending towards Earth.

Yet, as it looks like it is about to enter our atmosphere the live feed stops, according to footage recorded by alien conspiracy theorists.

There have been several similar claims made with videos uploaded to YouTube, but in many cases the alleged UFOs ended up being nothing more than light reflections or lens flares.

This is when light refracts inside the lens and then anomalies are projected onto the video image as if they are objects outside the camera when this is not the case.

Despite this and the apparent similarity between the new UFO and earlier lens flare cases, the video filmed on Saturday has sent UFO spotters into another frenzy, amid claims it is proof of alien life and a widespread NASA cover up.

But other armchair experts have suggested the object could be a meteor, or even the Chinese space station Tiangong-1.

The eight-tonne spacecraft was due to return to ground in a controlled crash – but its operators have lost contact with the unmanned ship and fear it could smash into an inhabited area.

Source: Express

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