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Getting Sexually Harassed Is A Personal Decision — Peggy Onah

Peggy Onah isn’t exactly just another face in the crowd and definitely not one to be missed, that is, if you are one of those who still appreciate beauty and the gifts of life God has blessed us all with. She’s beautiful, well-accentuated in the right places, with a nature, as quiet as a smouldering fire.

Peggy Onah
She’s hot, even though she doesn’t like to talk about her selling points, which are easily on display for all to see. Peggy, as she is called, shared her story - how she came to Nollywood and what drives her.

She said she has found herself in acting because that is all she had ever wanted to do. She started off by doing drama in high school. “A friend of mine introduced me to a producer who gave me few scenes to do. He encouraged me and recommended me to some other marketers. And from there they started starring me in their jobs. And that was how I got to the level I am today. I have done over 20 movies and still counting” she said.

Unlike most of her upcoming colleagues, Peggy said she is yet to experience sexual harassment in the industry, alluding the cause of sexual harassment to how an actress carries herself.

“I think it is an individual decision. None of such has ever happened to me. Like I said, it is an individual decision . No one forces anyone to sleep with anybody It’s your personal decision. If you want to be harassed you will be harassed and it has nothing to do with how beautiful you are or not” she declared.

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