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5G Network: Nokia Teams Up With T-mobile

At the basic level of Smartphone technology is the Second Generation (2G) network which handled phone calls, basic text messaging, and small amounts of data over a protocol called MMS.

5G Network

People didn’t really know any better until third Generation (3G) connectivity; a number of larger data formats became much more accessible, including standard HTML pages, videos, and music. 

The speeds were still pretty slow, and mostly required pages and data specially formatted for these slower wireless connections. 3G is still quite popular in Nigeria, although fourth generation (4G) is fast gaining followership. 

However, it seems that the world will not wait for Nigeria to recover from 4G before moving ahead. Nokia and T-Mobile are going even further, using their collaborative partnership to show the capabilities of 5G technology with recent achievements around a pre-standards 5G test network. 

The 5G air interface lab test used T-Mobile’s 28GHz spectrum and Nokia’s commercial 5G-ready AirScale radio platform. This resulted in industry leading connection speeds and throughput rates of several gigabits per second and real-time latency of 1.8 milliseconds while streaming four simultaneous 4K videos. 

Nokia and T-Mobile are also partners in innovative application demonstrations at the operator’s experience center, which highlight ultra-definition 360° Virtual Reality, extreme industry automation, massive connectivity and multi-connectivity.

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