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5 Things to do When You Publish a New Blog Post

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You just penned an amazing and awesome blog. You publish the blog afterwards on your website and expect it to gain traction or engagement without taking any action. No. It will not except you do some certain things which we are going to share. This is because it is not just enough to write an awesome post and deny the world enjoying your write up. This will lead to a rise in customer engagement and blog’s search engine position. Hence, apply these strategies if you want your blog to get noticed.

SEO / Keyword integration

Keyword and SEO have an influence on engagement, ranking, and traffic. You should always go through your content and pick out the keywords. It is these words you type in the box for keywords. Alternatively, you can find relevant keywords using the Google Adwords free keyword suggestion tool.


Your posts can be shared automatically with other blogs if you syndicate it with other websites and social media networks. This is done via Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. So, when you click on publish, it will be distributed to different platforms including social media.

Shorten the post’s URL

This may be very simple but not many bloggers do it. That is shortening your URL. Web sites such as, and are some of the websites you can use to shorten a post’s URL. This is perfect for the posts you share on social media.

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Add your blog post to your e-newsletter

You should always feature some of your blog’s content in your e-newsletter if you have one. You can get more clicks from the newsletter.

Send your blog post to target customers

If the content you have just published is relevant to your customers, do not hesitate to send it to them via email with the shortened URL. Send to as many as possible.

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