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How To Choose Ideal Wedding Shoes

How to choose ideal wedding shoes

Brides have many things to worry about while preparing for the most exciting day of their lives:choosing the right venue, wedding rings, caterer, entertainer, decor, music, and venue takes a lot of effort. However, the most important aspect of the day is the look of the bride, and when the bride is expected to spend the whole day on her feet, dancing and communicating with the guests, choosing beautiful and comfortable shoes is as essential as picking a stunning wedding dress. Learn some must-know tips on how to shop for wedding shoes.

Heel height

The key to choosing a comfortable heel height for your wedding shoes is to go for the height you’re used to wearing or even lower. Remember: your wedding shoes will stay on for at least 12 hours, so if you choose breathtaking pumps with a 10 cm heel, you’ll feel pretty miserable just a couple of hours during the wedding. Many brides decide to get high heels for the official part of the wedding and change into flats for the reception, but that’s an extra pair of shoes you need to spend money on, so it’s better to get one sensible pair for the whole day.

Best wedding shoe colour


The most traditional wedding shoe colors have always been white and ivory, and if you have a classic taste in clothing, or if your wedding dress calls for one of these colors, there is nothing wrong with going the usual route. However, if you have a casual wedding and your wedding dress is far from being traditional, you can have fun while choosing shoes and go for a splash of color. Brides often go for red or blue shoes, turning them into a color accent of their look - in this case you can add another accessory of the same hue, like earrings or a belt.

Best wedding shoe fabric


Historically, the most popular wedding shoe fabrics have been satin and silk. Both are very pretty and are perfect for a special event like your own wedding. However, these two fabrics are far from being practical and require constant cleaning, which will likely prevent you from wearing them again after the wedding. If you plan to continue wearing your wedding shoes after the event, go for leather, suede, sequins, or other durable materials - those shoes will become a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

Best wedding shoe prices


Experienced wedding planners say that the bride should be expected to pay somewhere between 10 and 15% of the cost of the wedding dress for a pair of wedding shoes. It may seem like a lot of money, but there is a way to buy beautiful wedding shoes for less than you’ve ever hoped for. Shop for wedding shoes and take advantage of buying from Nigeria’s most reliable, helpful and knowledgeable sellers.

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