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There Are Opportunities For Blacks Illegally Living in US to Adjust Status

Five days to the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, US, a Nigerian resident in the country, Bukky Alabi, says blacks illegally living in the US have no reason to be afraid of the incoming administration immigration policy. Alabi is also the Head Pastor of the Church in Power Dominion Chapel, Tulsa, Okholoma

Being a black pastor, how will you describe the system that saw Donald Trump emerged as US president?

There are opportunities for blacks illegally living in US to adjust status
Bukky Alabi
It’s the best election America ever had. It’s a proof that the system of governance in America is effective. We don’t choose our president by popular election. Hillary Clinton won by popular vote but was certainly schemed-out by the electoral college. So it is a vivid proof that America system of governance still works.

Does Mr. Trump’s emergence have any implication for black Americans?

This is not the first, second or third time the electoral college would determine who rules America. I would urge we blacks and the rest of America to wait and see how things unravel as he has promised to make America great again. But I believe Mr. Donald Trump is going to be one of the greatest presidents America ever had. Being a billionaire and a business, he has a lot to better America. Considering the calibre of people he is selecting to be on his team, you will agree with me that he is taking the right decision and willing to truly make America great again.

How do you explain Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka’s threat to discard his green card because he perceives Mr. Trump as an unrepentant racist?

Prof. Soyinka is entitled to his opinion but I don’t think his view counts to the American system. Moreover, Prof. Soyinka, even though a Nobel Prize winner, I don’t think an average American knows who he is. My take is let give Donald Trump a chance to prove himself.

What about the issue of immigration in Trump vowed to address?

America is a well-structured society, but immigration is a very problematic issue. Donald Trump vowed to put some order into it. It’s a welcome idea. Because there are millions of illegal immigrants in America. So I strongly believe immigration issue is a very serious in America that needs to be addressed.

The perception is that the Trump administration is about to go after the black community in America under the guise of illegal immigration?

I don’t think there is stereotyping once it has to do with the issue of illegal immigrant. If a policeman wants to check your car, if you don’t have anything illegal inside, you have nothing to be afraid of. America gives opportunity to people to be legal migrants. I don’t perceive Trump negatively, but immigration issue in America is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Mr. Trump is putting good brains among his team to help address these challenges.

What about his stand on religious issues with regards to Islam and Christianity?

That is a very serious issue but I would strongly suggest we wait and see what would play out because Mr. Trump does not claim to be a committed Christian despite his view on Israel and the Middle East. I believe he is going to perform great on the issue of religious. However, as a pastor in America presently, you can hardly say sensitive issues on the pulpit. These are the issues that Mr. Trump intends to address because religion has always been part of American standard from the beginning, which is almost being eroded. But when Trump comes on board it would definitely be addressed.

What has been your challenge being a pastor in America?

My initial challenge as a pastor from another country was that you have to be grounded in the American culture and learn everything because the way things are done in Africa and Nigeria where I came from is different. So the challenge I had was to be acquainted with the American accent so that my message can be relevant to the people. I live in a place where black community is about six percent of the whole population. So there is need to re-educate oneself on the accent and I think as a church we are doing great.

What would be your charge to the black community that perceives Trump as a racist?

I would confidently tell the peace-loving black community that there is nothing to be afraid of. If the police or the FBI approaches you and you are sure you don’t have anything that would implicate you. And if you are there illegally, there are different opportunities the government is giving to adjust your status in America. So, let’s give Trump a chance to make America great again.

Amid the global recession, how would you describe Shiloh 2016 organised by the Living Faith Church Worldwide?

Leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma, America to attend the programme, I think, it is the greatest spiritual event of the year 2016. Just as the Bible states: “The part of the just is like a shining light that shines onto a perfect day.” So it was very explosive, soul lifting.

What would be your charge to participants in the programme?

I will say that with God all things are possible but don’t seek God for miracles but for whom He is and because He is your heavenly Father and every other thing shall be added to you.

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