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5 Reasons Your Social Media Engagement is Declining

5 Reasons Your Social Media Engagement is Declining

Social media is one of the most virile tools for creating awareness in today’s digital world. You don’t even need to break the bank to run a social media campaign. These free mode of communication is therefore available for everyone to use. Due to this, many users waste the opportunity to take advantage of it. You will observe that despite their aggressive social media presence, they are getting little or no traction. In this post, we share five reasons why your social media engagement is low.

1. You don’t post regularly

If your frequency of posting drops, there will definitely be corresponding decline in your engagement. Your followers or friends wouldn’t wait for you if you disappear for days. If you want to halt the decline, increase the number of times you post each day.

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2. You are posting at the wrong times

Given that time difference usually comes to play when you come to posting, you should know the time difference where your immediate audience are present is the most important. In Nigeria, you shouldn’t share tweets at 2 am because you want to make your account function 24 hours.

3. You are not memorable

The most important way for you be socially memorable is for you to be different. Don’t share your ideas like others. Stand out and soon you notice a steady rise in traction.

4. You expect people to come to you

You cannot get engagements by only sharing great content. You have to reach out to other users and influencers by following them. Don’t wait for users to follow, you will not get the desired traction you want.

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5. You are ignoring visual content

Visual content is one of the most powerful to drive engagement. Tweets with images are more likely to be retweeted and liked than the one without any visuals. So, use images from time to time.

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