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Cameroon Ruthless With Boko Haram

Cameroon ruthless with Boko Haram
Paul Biya of Cameroon
President Paul Biya of Cameroon has vowed to be ruthless with Boko Haram insurgents and put an end to their existence.

Biya said the ruthlessness “will end only with the ultimate defeat” of the Islamist sect.

Biya described the sect which originated from neighbouring Nigeria as a barbaric organization.

He was speaking at the army headquarters in the capital Yaounde on Friday, during a ceremony organized in tribute to four officers who died in a 22 January helicopter crash in the town of Tchofo located in Cameron’s extreme north.

“Our profound sadness today must not lead us to dejection or renunciation; on the contrary, it must reinforce our determination to continue the struggle against an unscrupulous enemy” he suggested.

The Cameroonian leader said the event organized to mourn the soldiers envelopes the entire nation and also qualifies as a tribute to all those who fell for the safety and stability of the country.

He described the crash as a “heartbreaking and irreparable loss,” which occurred during a defense mission.

He described it as a sign to secessionists in the English-speaking Northwest and the Southwest regions.

He said the blood of the brave soldiers, who had fallen in the field of honor while answering the call to duty, should mean something to all their compatriots.

“It challenges us and invites us all, from East to West and from North to South, to reawaken our civic and patriotic verve, to unite more around these three colors that we have chosen in solidarity and sovereignty, to merge in this unitary star engraved in the center of our national flag, which is a strong symbol of faith and unity. Let’s be one, let’s stay together” President Biya emphasised.

The four soldiers were posthumously promoted.

Brigadier General Jacob Kodji was made division general, Colonel Alphonse Nkameni Brigadier General, while lieutenants Aurelien Tchinda and Basile Souloukna were promoted to Captains.

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