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Australian Snake Flies to New Zealand on Private Jet

Australian brown snake passenger on a private jet

A brown tree snake flew aboard a private jet from Brisbane airport in Australia to Auckland airport in New Zealand.

The snake with expensive taste is believed to have boarded the luxury aircraft on Sunday by slithering inside a wheel when the plane was parked in a remote hanger bay.

On Monday afternoon, the flight took off unaware that it had an extra passenger on board.

Crew were made aware of the international traveller when the reptile was found on the runway after the plane landed.

Although Australia is home to 18 of the world’s 20 most deadliest snakes, New Zealand has no snakes at all.

“This is clearly a one-off hitchhiker,” a spokesperson from New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The snake is likely to be euthanised as the stress of the trip left it in poor condition.

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