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Australian Woman Dies During Flight Across Pacific

Australian woman dies on board Delta airlines
Australian woman dies on board Delta airlines
An Australian woman died on an international flight across the Pacific, however the death was not being treated as suspicious in spite of reports the passenger was a drug mule.

Emergency services were called to Sydney International Airport Thursday morning after the 42-year-old woman died on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Perth in Western Australia.

Police boarded the plane and established a crime scene and passengers were left waiting for more than 90 minutes on the tarmac.

Local 2GB Radio reported there were suspicions that the woman might have been a drug mule, but New South Wales police declined to comment whether the death was drug-related.

Police said it was not being treated as suspicious and they were investigating possible causes of death including self-harm or natural causes.

A police spokeswoman said the woman was travelling alone.

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