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Indian Police Rescues Girl Living With Monkeys

Indian police rescues girl living with monkeys
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Police in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have rescued a young girl around 10 years old living with a troop of monkeys, health officials said Friday.

The girl was found living inside Katraniaghat forest area of Bahraich district, about 195 km northeast of Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh.

“The girl was rescued from jungle and brought to hospital here by policemen some two months back,” Dr. D K Singh, chief medical superintendent Bahraich district hospital told Xinhua.

“She used to move around using all her fours like animals and used to eat food by spreading it on bed and thereafter lifting it directly with mouth.”

The girl, according to health officials, was apparently brought up by monkeys and used to move away on seeing humans.

“She was unable to communicate and used to screech like monkeys.

“She was brought here malnourished but in these two months she has become healthy and is able to walk now.”

Feral children like the girl exist in fictional works and legends. The girl seems to have resemblance with Mowgli, a character in Rudyard Kipling’s novel — The Jungle Book.

Health officials attending the girl told Xinhua she was showing signs of improvement.

“She had injuries on her body, featured long tangled hair and sharp unkempt nails,” an attendant said. “She is showing an gradual improvement and now her hair is being washed and nails clipped at regular intervals.”

Locals believe she might have been abandoned by her parents because of being a female child.

Police, meanwhile, have started a search to trace the parents of the girl.

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