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The German Bundesliga 2017/2018 Season Preview

Who win will German Bundesliga 2017/2018 Season

The Bundesliga, or the German Federal League, is the premier domestic football event in Germany which decides who the undisputed champion of Germany is. This week marks the beginning of the 55th league and there are many reasons why you should look forward to this main event.

The Past

Ever since its birth in 1963, there has been one team that has dominantly swooped the most number of titles on its shelves — FC Bayern Munich (26 time champions). This renowned football club has been the face of the tournament for years now considering it has won the previous five championships undisputedly. The end of the tournament decides which teams will go out to compete in the Europeans league, so it is essentially the gateway to greater national representation.

The tournament is also famous for being the most ‘packed’ footballing event because on average, the attendance is very high. This could have something to do with the fact that most of the games are scheduled on weekends, but we know Germany loves football d and that is evident in the Bundesliga!

What’s In It This Year?

You can expect some highly professional and heart-pumping sporting spirit in stadiums throughout the course of the 34 matches in the Bundesliga. Here are a few highlights you should look forward to this year:

New Signups

James Rodriguez and Corentin Tolisso will be the superstars backing the favorites Bayern Munich (yet again). The lad from Real Madrid and the Ligue 1 hero have been two of the hottest signups this summer, and anyone wishing to sway the title away from these fierce competitors will need to produce nothing short of a miracle.

Dortmund Changes Coach

Dortmund is aching to finally settle the score with Bayern Munich after five long years, and will be looking forward to the guidance from their new coach Peter Bosz. The Dutchman will surely spice things up and make the front lines very heated.

Lots of Potential

It is being predicted that this year the cut-off will not be as easy to predict because half a decade of lopsided results in the Bundesliga has encouraged all 18 clubs to make the necessary changes needed to compete in a much fiercer manner. Each team that was not able to make it to the top seven last year will give its best shot to redeem itself and land a spot among the tops.

Video Assistants

If you are someone who gets deeply annoyed every time a referee makes an illogical or impractical decision, then the Bundesliga has listened to your cries. This year marks the introduction of video assistants on field who will make sure that the accuracy of decisions made can never be questioned.

Who Will Win?

The statistics favour FC Bayern Munich, but hey, it’s a sport and nothing is decided until the match is over. But one thing is for sure, there will be a lot of power packed matches to see in the 2017-18 German Bundesliga. You can check the odds and bet on Bundesliga with William Hill, UK’s top online bookmaker. So, don’t miss it!

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