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Nigeria Amputees’ Crowd-fund For World Cup in Mexico

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Nigeria Amputees - Special Super Eagles

All you Need to Know About the Amputee World Cup

With the Amputee world cup being just around the corner, the Nigerian soccer team is seeking fund pools through a crowdfunding campaign aimed at covering their lack of finances. Due to lack of economic support, the Special Eagles team had missed the three world cup editions which were held in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

In an attempt to extend his sense of support towards the Nigerian team, Arsenal’s Michael Ishiguzo had put forth a virtual appeal on the website of GoFundMe and was successful in raising about US$68,000.

In his conversation with BBC Sport, Michael talked about how hard the Amputee football team of Nigeria had been working for all these years but still had to miss several World Cups just because the corporate community or the government didn’t care about them.

He further talked about relating deeply to their pain and making sure that they hit the world cup games this year, which will be starting from 24th October in Mexico. He believes that by getting the opportunity to participate in the world cup, the Nigerian team will be able to grasp global attention and this will help them to pace well in their future endeavours.

The funds raised will be used to cover travel expenses, subsistence management, and various logistical operations which the team will need during the World cup.

The team captain of Special Eagles, Emmanuel Ibeawuchi, who had suffered amputation of his right leg at the age of 22, due to an auto accident said Ishiguzo has proven to be highly inspiring to him. Ibeawuchi is full of hopes and aims at fulfilling his lifelong dream.

While conversing to BBC Sport, he talked about how sports have always provided hopes for the physically challenged. He gave a reference to Nigeria’s powerlifters who had successfully proven their mettle at the Paralympics.

Furthermore, he said that he was confident about his team being amongst the best in the world but, they had been refused to have the opportunities of showcasing themselves at a global level for a long time. Ibeawuchi was hopeful about the possibility of participating in the World cup with the help of the public support garnered through the crowdfunding campaigns.

In the 2014 World Cup held in Culiacán, Mexico; Ghana, Angola and Kenya represented Africa, and amongst them, the Angolans secured the runners-up title after losing to Russia with a score of 3-1 in the final.

Are you excite about it too like we are? Do you want to watch these brave sportspersons in action? Let us know in the comments below.

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