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30,000 Nigerians Return to Rann

An estimated 30,000 Nigerians have returned since Tuesday from Cameroon to the town of Rann, which was targeted repeatedly by Boko Haram terrorists this year.

30,000 Nigerians return to Rann
Refugees from Rann return home
The U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR disclosed this in an emailed statement today..

According to the agency, the Nigerians decided to return home, near Lake Chad after being visited by Nigerian officials who encouraged them to go.

The Nigerian officials gave assurances that security would be restored in the area, UNHCR said.

Cameroonian authorities also assured UNHCR officials that refugees would not be forced to return.

Boko Haram attacked the town last month following the withdrawal of the Multinational Joint Task Force, made up of Nigerian, Chadian, Nigerien and Cameroonian troops.

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